Here And Now

I traveled a great distance to be here and now.

Across vast craggy mountains I climbed, stumbled and fell.  Clinging to rock with bare fingers and broken nails, I thought I would die.  I did not.

Crawling, I continued, on hands and knees through bushes and briars, whose branches tangled and pulled at my hair, whose thorns ripped at my flesh.

Bloody and bruised I have emerged.  Heavily pregnant and strong. Ready to give birth to new ideas, to transform all that I touch.

I traveled a great distance to be here, and now,

I am not going back.

S. Conde

I Am She

Andres Conde ArtShe used to be me.  That is, I used to be she.

I have since unzipped and stepped out of her skin, quite literally.

I could not speak of her then, as I could never, ever, see, the massive forest for the surrounding trees.

She was the walking wounded.  The prey.  Or predator maybe.

Either way, now she is me.  I am she, and I can very, very, clearly see.


S. Conde