A Fortuitous Happenstance

  …yes, but did it make a sound?

I’m about to admit to a flaw in my character.  I love to be right.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out, but that’s ok.  It keeps me humble.

Meanwhile, last night I was having an argument with a science type, a brilliant and genuinely funny, science type.  He, (I assume it was a he), argued how great the world would be if spirituality was removed and we all just viewed the world with a unified objectivity, further, that nothing was “real” until science said so.  I, of course, was horrified.

My argument was, as always, that reality is subjective and that science is only just now “proving” things that have been known to be real by many for millennia.  I argued that quantum physics would prove this to be true eventually, that it has already begun to do so.

Our debate ended on friendly terms, very civil.  I loved it.  Then this morning, as I was scrolling through the list of tweets on Twitter, there was this:

“How can we assert that an observer-independent reality exists if the assertion itself is dependent on the existence of a conscious observer? This raises the additional dilemma of who or what is the observer and where is this observer located? When scientists in general describe empirical facts and formulate scientific theories, they forget that neither facts nor theories are an insight into the true nature of fundamental reality apart from any observer. What we consider to be empirical facts are entirely dependent on observation, in agreement with quantum theory. The scientific observer in this case is an activity of the universe called Homo sapiens usually with a Ph.D. in physics, biology, neuroscience or other branches of science. However, many scientists have never really asked the question “Who am I”?”

Oh Deepak Chopra how do I love thee?  …let me count the ways…

Now Dr. Chopra can also be wrong.  His article is not the ultimate proof of a theory, I know.  Still I am pleased.  I am very pleased.





Sir Francis Bacon: Lady Killer and Father of the Scientific Method

” The Idols of Tribe have their foundation in human nature itself, and in the tribe or race of men.  For it is a false assertion that the sense of man is the measure of things.  On the contrary, all perceptions as well of the sense as of the mind are according to the measure of the universe.  And the human understanding is like a false mirror, which, receiving rays irregularly, distorts and discolors the nature of things by mingling its own nature with it.”  – Francis Bacon, Novum Oganum

We now know that the mere act of observing “things” changes them, as noted in the famous double slit experiment.  No such thing as the cold, disconnected, and totally objective fantasy of science exists, especially on a quantum level.  If everything we view is distorted and discolored, and mixed with our own nature by simply looking at it, then there is no pure form of nature, at least none that we can experience, on any level.  If there is no pure form, only WE can be the measure of things based on our individual experiences.  Perception IS reality.  Isn’t it possible that the measure of the universe was built into the minds of humans, as we ourselves are built of the universe?

“Intentions create the reality that we experience.”- The Dancing Wu Li Masters  (If you haven’t read this book…you should…quantum physics and metaphysics collide in the most interesting ways.)

Anyone who believes in the power of prayer, or has practiced magic should be shouting a collective, “Duh!” right now.  Imagine, this was observation without intent, without the sheer force of will.  Oh the possibilities…

I don’t hate science, though science may hate me.  I’m thankful for the advances of science, as we should all be.  However, the scientific mindset Mr. Bacon helped to establish, needs to shift or risk becoming hopelessly outdated.

The name of this blog “Idols Of The Tribe” should be seen as a jubilant middle finger held up in the face of  “Sir” Francis Bacon.  Not just because I disagree with his complete dismissal of the validity of the human experience, but also for his role in the 300 year long genocide of women during the witch trials.

S. Conde