Bound By Cruelty

I watched as a lion strode down the path.

He carried on top of him a black panther.

Attached, they were, fused together, belly to back.

The panther’s atrophied legs flopped about.

I was not frightened, only horrified.

Eight years, I was told.

For eight years they had been bound together.


I am the lion.  Fierce, beautiful, strong and loyal.

On my back rides cruelty.  The nine of swords.

Mental cruelty, which I have inflicted on myself.

Only the torch, the flaming staff, conquers the parasitic mind.

Only I can release the panther.

It will die without me.  So it must be.

As I can not live with it.



S. Conde








4 thoughts on “Bound By Cruelty

  1. Very interesting post – im interested in how u came to it – it really does describe much of the misery that can come to a human. – excellent post

    • Thanks Patrick. 🙂 The top portion was the second in a series of animal dreams I had. There were several valid ways I thought the dream could be interpreted, so I turned to the cards for clarification. (Say what you will, they speak to me as a key to my psyche. In my world, they are a living, breathing oracle.) The bottom portion was the interpretation I arrived at after consulting the cards. Really glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading and commenting.

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