An Angel

On this day I was given a gift.

A gift born of love.

Unwrapped and crying.

The color of peaches and cream. Twenty four inches long.


Today, you stand tall.  A man.

Proud, handsome, and strong.  Kind, loving, and full of laughter.  Full of life.

My darling, my Angel, my sunshine-y boy.

You have so much to give.  So much to share.

You will find your way.  Make your path.  Create your world.

You are the knight flying through the air.  Mind, body and spirit united.

You will succeed.

You are loved. You are love.

You fill my heart with joy.

I love you now, then and forever.

Happy Birthday my son.

You make life better.



S. Conde (Mama / Momo)




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