Forget Me Not

I closed my eyes.

At long last, I dreamt a dream.

Spring had come.  The seeds, bulbs, and roses planted in years past burst forth.

Alive with color and delight.

Vines hung. Draped over the walls of my garden.  Dotted in blue, orange and gold.

Hyacinths of white and Irises in purple and yellow shot up from the ground.

Wisteria, Lilac, and Lily of the Valley perfumed the air.

Never had I seen Forget Me Nots grow quite so large.

Forms I did not expect, nor recognize grew in the most pleasing of ways.

They were all there.  All that I had sown, and more.

I picked up the shell of a bitter fruit from the ground.   Inside squirmed a maggot.

I threw it away.  It did not belong in this place.


S. Conde




4 thoughts on “Forget Me Not

  1. a beautiful piece of prose/poetry thank you! New life as spring springs into action. Down here on the other side, autumn approaches though days still bright and sunny. But the sleep approacheth, as the awakening doth there.

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